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An Air Compressor For Every Need

We are the leading manufacturer of portable compressed air machines, with our compressors used in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Electric Portable Compressors

Ideal for sites and applications with a ready supply of power.

V1100 VSD

  • Up to 50% operational cost savings over diesel
  • Easy transport with galvanised skid and fork lift slots
  • Weighs up to 50% less than a comparable diesel unit
  • Low Maintenance requirements
  • Intuitive Xc4004 controller with PACE technology
  • Low noise and emission zone complient

Diesel Portable Compressors

Our compressors successfully walk to line between size, output and capacity.

XRVS 700
XRVS 1050

– Highest productivity under all circumstances

XRS 396
XRHS 366
XRHS 527

Designed for continuous heavy duty drilling

XAVS 1800

10 & 14 bar
Flexible and multi-purpose

XAMS 600+ DD7
XAHS 500+ DD7

Deutz powered units designed for reliability


XAVS 900
XAHS 950
XATS 1050
XAMS 1150

High volume air at medium pressure

XA(T,H,V)S 340-375 DD6

Specially designed for heavy duty working environments such as the renovation industry (sandblasting) and quarries

XAHS 450
XAVS 450
XAS 375
XATS 350
XAHS 350

Small & lightweight

XAS 27

Most compact and agile
Tough and reliable power


XAMS 850 CD7
XATS 800 CD7
XAHS 710 CD7
XAVS 650 CD7

Small, mobile, convenient

XA(T,H)S 70-90 KD7/70-185 DD7

Protected by an impact resistant canopy
Unrivalled service access

XAS 300 DD7
XAHS 250 DD7

Designed for versatility and serviceability


OEM Compressors

Highest pressure, highest flow air-end package.

Suitable for manufacturers of packaged air compressors, rigs, trucks and all-terrain vehicles requiring an integrated air supply unit.


ORX 10
ORX 12

18-30 bar
508-1250 cfm


5-14 bar
148-520 cfm

ORV 10
ORV 12

16-25 bar
508-1270 cfm

DrillAir Compressors

One of the highest air volumes at one of the highest air pressures available in the portable compressor market.

Y 1260
XRS 1100

  • 25 & 35 bar
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Rugged frame built to last
  • Best fuel autonomy for complete working shift

TwinAir Compressors

Revolutionary performance. Compact and safe.


XAH 1066
XRV 946

  • Highest volume of compressed air per sqm
  • Most robust, versatile and safety enhanced air supply unit on the market
  • Outstanding cooling performance
  • Built for ease of operations

Air Supply Solutions for Our Core Industries

We match industry specific demands with the right equipment including all necessary accessories for your exact application.

Oil & Gas

Our extensive fleet of industrial compressors offer you reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions specifically to suit Oil & Gas applications.

Power Plants

Our compressors suit a range of applications in coal-fired, natural gas fired, nuclear and cogeneration plants.


With our network of worldwide depots and decades of experience, we are able to reliably service any requirement for compressed air.


We offer dedicated services to suit both surface and underground mining projects.

Why Atlas Copco?

Save Money

Our compressors have low operational costs and high fuel autonomy.


Each portable compressor weighs less than 750 kg. This makes it possible to tow them behind a normal passenger car without a special driving license being required.

24/7 Customer Service

You’ll have a dedicated support representative available to resolve any issue, day or night, 24/7.

Save Space

Build an asset light and lean operation and make significant savings on storage and warehousing needs.


Get the right equipment customized to suit your needs, with a flexible and energy efficient approach to your future production plans.

Conserve Capital

Atlas Copco's cost effective solutions will free up your capital to invest in your core business.

Reliable Industrial Air

Secure your own reliable, robust and versatile supply of compressors to suit your site requirements.

At Atlas Copco Sales, we provide clean, compressed air in a mobile, diesel driven, silenced package, undisturbed by widely varying loads or extreme ambient conditions.

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