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Powered Handheld Tools For Every Need

Swap tools in no time thanks to the quick kick latch or just unscrew the tool. All our working tools are interchangeable between various models. The versatility of our breakers and hammers allows for fast tool changes and less inventory.

Handheld pneumatic tools

The best possible power-to-weight ratio.

Vibro-reduced Pneumatic hammers


Standard pneumatic hammers
TEX 02, TEX 03PS, TEX 05P, TEX 09PS KL,  TEX 09PS, TEX 10PS KL,  TEX 10PS, TEX 12PS KL, TEX 12PS


Light pneumatic breakers
TEX 150PE, TEX 190PE, TEX 21PE


RTEX medium pneumatic breakers
RTEX 15,  RTEX 25


Medium pneumatic breakers
TEX 230PE, TEX 280PE, TEX 33PE, TEX P60S


Heavy pneumatic breakers
TEX 37, TEX 40PE, TEX P90S


Pneumatic rock drills (SRD)
SRD 20, SRD 25


Light pneumatic rock drills
BBD 12D, BBD 12DS, BBD 12DCS, BBD 12T, BBD 12TS, BBD 15E, BBD 15ET


Medium and heavy pneumatic rock drills
RH 571-5L, RH 571-5LS, RH 572E, RH 658L, RH 658 5L, RH 658 5L FR,  RH 658LS


Pneumatic combi drills/hammers
DKR 36, DKR 36R


Pneumatic rock drills – Stopers
BBD 46WR-6, BBD 46WS-8, BBD 46WR-8


Underground pneumatic rock drills
BBC 16W, BBC 34W, BBD 94W, BBD 94WS, RH 656 4W


Pneumatic rock drills − pusher legs
BMT 51, ALF 71, ALF 71-1, ALF 72D, ALF 72D-1, BMK 62S, BMK 91RS


Rig-mounted pneumatic rock drills


Pneumatic dust collector
DCP 10


Impact wrenches and needle scalers
TEX 290W, TEX 291W, TEX 292W, TEX 01N

Handheld petrol Tools

A petrol-driven tool is a matter of grab and go. This completely autonomous system is perfect for remote locations and hard-to-get places.

Motor breakers & drills (Cobra range)
 PROi, PROi 25×108, TTe 25×108, TTe, Cobra Combi



  • Drilling and breaking (Cobra™ Combi)
  • Work on remote sites
  • Breaking concrete
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Tamping and compacting
  • Driving spikes, tubes, poles, ground rods and probes
  • Digging ditches and holes
  • Tie tamping (Cobra TTe)

Handheld hydraulic tools

Clever design, with few moving parts that are continuously lubricated, means minimal wear and little maintenance.

Hydraulic standard hammer and breakers
LH 11


Vibro-reduced hydraulic breakers
 LH 190 E, LH 230 E, LH 280 E, LH 400 E


Hydraulic core drills
LCD 500, LCD 1500


Hydraulic cut-off saws
LS 14, LS 16


Hydraulic post and ground rod drivers


Hydraulic post puller


Hydraulic power packs
LP 9-20 P,  LP 13-30 P, LP 18-30 PE, LP 18-40 PE, LP 18 Twin PE, LP 9-20 E

Handheld Tool Solutions for Our Core Industries

We match industry specific demands with the right equipment including all necessary accessories for your exact application.

Oil & Gas

Our extensive range of industrial hand tools offer you reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions specifically to suit Oil & Gas applications.

Power Plants

We have a range of tools that deliver unrivalled versatility, optimised performance and excellent fuel economy.


With our network of worldwide depots and decades of experience, we are able to reliably service practically any powered handheld tool requirements.


We offer dedicated services to suit both surface and underground mining projects.

Why Atlas Copco?

Save Money

Our handheld tools have low operational costs and high fuel autonomy.

Light Weight

All our handheld tools are light and highly portable for ease of transport to your application site.

24/7 Customer Service

You’ll have a dedicated support representative available to resolve any issue, day or night, 24/7.

Save Space

Build an asset light and lean operation and make significant savings on storage and warehousing needs.


Get the right equipment customized to suit your needs, with a flexible and energy efficient approach to your future production plans.

Conserve Capital

Atlas Copco's cost effective solutions will free up your capital to invest in your core business.

Reliable Industrial Handheld Tools

Secure your own reliable, robust and versatile supply of handheld tools to suit your site requirements.

At Atlas Copco Power Technique, we provide cost-efficient tools that are better for you and better for the environment.

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