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A game changer in terms of operational savings, performance and reliability.

Low-load operation problems are now a thing of the past with the Atlas Copco’s latest addition to its QAS generator the QAS 60/35 VSG (Variable Speed Generator)

QAS Variable Speed Generator

A game changer. The perfect fit for your load needs

QAS 60/35 VSG (Variable Speed Generator)


  • Replace up to 6 power nodes of typical generator (from 9kVA to 60kVA).
  • fuel savings up to 40% on typical construction, events or telecom applications.
  • True portability
  • Footprints up to 55% smaller than generators working on similar applications.

Generator Solutions for Our Core Industries

We match industry specific demands with the right equipment including all necessary accessories for your exact application.

Oil & Gas

Our extensive range of industrial generators offer you reliable, safe and cost-effective solutions specifically to suit Oil & Gas applications.

Power Plants

We have generators that deliver unrivalled versatility, optimised performance and excellent fuel economy.


With our network of worldwide depots and decades of experience, we are able to reliably service any generator requirements.


We offer dedicated services to suit both surface and underground mining projects.

Why Atlas Copco?

Save Money

Up to 40% Less Fuel and CO2 Emissions - Enables operators to reduce their carbon footprint, by offering CO2 emission reductions of up to 40 percent.

Variable Speed

950-2550 RPM because you have variable loads and you need efficiency and reliability.

24/7 Customer Service

You’ll have a dedicated support representative available to resolve any issue, day or night, 24/7.

Save Space

High Utilisation 6 in 1 - One unit can replace up to six power nodes of a typical fixed speed generator from 9 kVA to 60 kVA.


Get the right equipment customized to suit your needs, with a flexible and energy efficient approach to your future production plans.

Conserve Capital

Atlas Copco's cost effective solutions will free up your capital to invest in your core business.

QAS 60/35 variable speed generator

The unique Atlas Copco’s QAS variable speed generator.

Variable speed generator from Atlas Copco makes fuel inefficiency and low load problems a thing of the past.

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